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...my paintings portfolio...
Artist, Painter, Digital
                  Painter - Elvis Caron
(Digital Painting) "Aaron Creamer" Commissioned Piece
Done on a 22" Touchscreen

Mayan Staff (Pastels on Suede)

Acrylic on Canvas (sorry the resolution stinks)
Acrylic on Canvas

(Pastels on Suede) "TWO"
Graffiti "TWO" Pastels on Suede

Graffiti on Canvas
Graffiti on Canvas

(Acrylic on Canvas) Sorry the resolution stinks on this one too.
Acrylic on Canvas (Japanese Sunset)

Sad Tiki (Pastels on Suede)
Sad Tiki, Pastels on Suede

Jack in the Box, Pastels on Suede.
Jack in the Box (Pastels on Suede)

"Photon Band" Pastel Painting on Suede
Photon Band - Pastel Painting on Suede

Acrylic Painting on Canvas - Caesars

I hope you enjoy my paintings portfolio!
Elvis Caron

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