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...my 3d / sculpting / carvings portfolio...
3D Art, Signage, Tikis,
Here's a few Chainsaw Carvings I've done...
Carved Wooden Benches by Elvis Caron

Chainsaw Carving - Lighthouse

Lighthouse Carving

Chainsaw Carvings

Carving of an Aboriginal Man

Hammerhead Carving in Florida - Elvis Caron

Elvis Caron Hammerhead Eating a Stingray Carving

Tiki Carvings

Chainsaw Carved Dolphines from Pine Trees

Baby Dolphin Carving from Pine Tree in Florida

Tiki Carving Portfolio
Mermaid Carving in Marco Island

Lono Tiki God Carving

3D Signage Construction (this was sort of a repair job, and one of my favorite clients)

Kane Tiki God Carving Elvis Caron

Elvis Caron Chainsaw Carving Kane Tiki God

Giant Mushroom Carving

A few of my tikis. I love making tikis.

6 foot tiki carving from a sable palm tree

cypress easter island tiki carving

Elvis Caron on the frtont page of the Marco
                    Island Eagle

Mushroom Carvings by Elvis Caron

Life Sized Indian Cheif Carving from Florida
                    Pine Tree

Owl Tree Carving

Tampa Bay Lightening Tiki Carvings

Tiki Planter Carvings

Tiki Carvings

Twisted Tiki

Chainsaw Carved Bench from a pine log

Charved Gnome from Cherry Trunk, Gnome-aste

I hope you enjoy my 3d, sculpting and carving portfolio!
Elvis Caron


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